Elton John, Coldplay and Six60 Join Forces for Free Concerts!


With a third of the world's population now in quarantine and with New Zealand having been in Lockdown for almost a week, people are already bored! Kiwi's everywhere are attempting to come up with new, creative ways to keep themselves and loved ones entertained whilst still adhering to the level 4 restrictions. 

This lockdown doesn't only apply to us regular folk of course. Famous musicians from all over the world who were scheduled to go on tour at some point in 2020, have either had to cancel or postpone these to a later date. Harry Styles postponed his love on love tour to 2021, Camilla Cabello also postponed her Romance tour to a later date yet to be confirmed, and even Ringo Starr's All Starr's Band rescheduled from spring 2020 to spring/summer 2021.

But, fortunately for music fans, some of the worlds most talented and star-studded artist's have taken to their social media's to stream FREE concerts from their bubble's! Sure, it may not have the same effect as being amongst a roaring crowd and seeing your idol in the flesh sing their lungs out of their chest, but still, you have to admit, it's pretty special. 


Chris Martin. Lead Singer of Coldplay


Chris Martin, lead singer from Coldplay, was the first to set the trend going live on the Coldplay's Instagram as the rest of the band were stuck in isolation all in separate countries. He interacted with fans, took song requests and spread messages of kindness in 30 minutes of magic. Keith Urban shortly after followed suit alongside wife, Academy Award Winning Actress, Nicole Kidman. John Legend, Shawn Mendes and even P!nk have all posted heartwarming messages of support through live videos and short renditions of their music which has had fans worldwide feeling the love!

Kiwi band Six60 went live over the weekend to send some Aroha to fans all over NZ and it was, for lack of a better word, pumping! 


Matiu’s live acoustic performance.


And possibly the most magic of them all, Sir Elton John served up hosting duties for The iHeartRadio Living Room Concert For America yesterday to pay tribute to the people on the frontline who are putting their lives at risk every day to fight the spread of COVID-19.

Sir Elton said, "there's a lot of grief out there, uncertainty and fear, but let me tell you what's going to keep us together: all the goodness that's still happening in the world, those doctors, nurses and scientists on the frontline, they're living proof that most superheroes don't wear capes.”

During the one-hour TV special, he introduced amazing performances from Mariah Carey, Billie Eilish, Backstreet Boys and More! 


So if you haven't yet got Instagram and or don't follow your favourite musician's, it would be fair to say, now is the time!

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