What is Level 2?

What is Level 2?

What is Level 2?

We are not in Level 2 yet, but we will be as of Wednesday at 11:59.59 pm (YAY)!

Level 2 means more freedom, bigger bubbles, more businesses open and most importantly- social distancing, the slogan, is Play It SAFE.


Your mates can come round for a few quiet ones, but only a few of your mates (technically you can have as many drinks as you want). 

Domestic Travel:

You will be able to travel domestically and explore NZ, socially distant flights will be available- however you are advised to only travel regionally and if you can’t for only essential reasons.


While still using social distancing, you can go to the tennis court, museums, markets and more facilities alike will be accessible.


Offices can reopen, but restrictions and COVID-19 plans should be in place in each workplace.


Some Bars, Restaurants and Cafes will reopen but with limitations of 100 people maximum and Ardern is running by the 3 s’s- Seated, Separated and Single Server.


Schools will be open to your wee one all the way to one who you want to move the hell out already, but the school may not be able to facilitate for all of them. Borders can be shipped back to school also, and if a school has a case it must close for 14 days for cleaning and tracing.


Super Rugby Aotearoa has announced a domestic competition beginning on Saturday the 13th of June, meanwhile regional club sport is still working out the kinks as Level 2 still requires physical distancing.


New Zealand gyms will be allowed to reopen under alert level two despite our neighbours across the ditch facing a much longer stint away from the weight rack.


But most importantly- YOU CAN GET A HAIRCUT

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